no lie… diamonds are a girl’s best friend

by envieloveletter

the female affinity with diamonds has finally struck me – or more speared me clean through, piercing, removing and replacing my tender heart with a rock hard diamond version! it all suddenly makes sense! maybe i’m late to this realisation but let me explain and perhaps you hadn’t quite seen it from this point of view either… firstly good god its quite hard being a woman, in her thirties, single with average paying job, living in london! but… add diamonds to this mix and see how they instantly increase ‘being’ in value. one: woman draped in diamonds always has a smile on her face as she is mesmerised by the sparkle = happy woman whatever the weather. two: portable light reflection which rids wrinkles = woman always looking and feeling young and beautiful. three: woman with enough diamonds can sell when necessary = who cares if job is average paying, diamonds can be cashed in for champagne fund. four: she’s single at the moment because she is ‘collecting’ diamonds!

fun aside – on a more serious note this diamond jubilee weekend left in me a realisation of what we take on as women (small print: am really not a feminist but i can only write about what i am experiencing first hand and am learning a great deal about actually being a women at the moment!). i went to see ‘snow white and the huntsman’ on sunday. i LOVE fairy tales but they have kinda wrecked my life and i wish they had come with cliff notes. well this blockbuster version certainly captured the crucial moral lesson i wish i had clinched in the disney version… instead i just always wanted to look as pure as snow and have a handsome prince kiss me back to life. the notes would summarise ‘be honest, be kind (to animals), get tough, then… bat those eyelids with self assurance which comes from within and what really makes one beautiful!’

so at the end of this diamond jubilee weekend, with the queen standing strong, showing off her bedazzling collection whilst her husband is sadly taken ill, i  concede that diamonds really are forever. should you be lucky to have a few then hold them fast, show them off, they will always come through because they are rock hard on the inside, yet exquisite on the outside and a reminder of the kind of woman you should want to be, but remember – they sparkle so you fall in love with them so be sure to sparkle so prince charming may also fall in love with you…

well jel!

happy diamond jubilee

with love

one massive rock crystal bath tub! fit for a queen at just a mere £530,000… now where are those crown jewels i could sell!