wake up and smell the roses

by envieloveletter

saturday 26 may 2012: i’m almost always working so to be off is a treat


25C, sunny, breezy, no clouds: yes i am still in london


little mouse: my plus one for the day


chelsea flower show / manicomio / kings road: with no time limit


the start to the summer and what was a perfect day!

this post is my ‘hats off’ to the RHS and the truly wonderful event that is the annual chelsea flower show. i recently posted my disappointment in my visit to grand designs live and the fact that i was left disillusioned with the lack of innovation from what is supposed to be a showcase of creative evolution. so even though my expectations were high of CFS i was not expecting the overwhelming emotional and sensory impact the show bestowed on me. perhaps it was all due to a culmination of a series of events that made it so much sweeter: the tickets were an unexpected gift which i will never forget, nature boasted her best elements and i could ask for no one more special to share the day. with my blogs i set out to write about the emotional impact our material surroundings have on us, but i am never more in awe or often overwhelmed by the impact the natural world has on the advanced beings that we are. it is the greatest reminder that we share our time on planet earth with an abundance of designs that can never be manufactured or equalled, for free…! i was reluctant to leave what felt i imagine could be like entering the holographic worlds in star trek, a parallel universe, a living fairy tale. in truth i could never replicate in writing what i felt on the day and my pix are nowhere near illustrative of being in the moment. they will however serve their purpose as snapshots for future inspiration and join my L.O.V.E library and i hope provide a small sensory shudder for you too.

(all photographs taken and edited by me and my simple iphone 3gs – yes it is time for an upgrade or investment into a better camera 😉

discovered at the chelsea flower show – bloomin gorgeous!

caroline weihrauch