the bossy glossy, enough already!!

by envieloveletter

a few weeks ago over tea & cake in camden at yumchaa myself and ‘little mouse’ chatted about how depressing women’s magazines are and admitted that quite frankly these days we flick through the pix and no more. i stopped reading them altogether a  long while ago because the cycle of nonsense was just repeated throughout and i was bored to death of of being ‘told’ who, how, when, why, bla bla bla! i was reminded of this chat today when a friend’s fb post appeared on my news feed with the following – Women’s lifestyle  magazines make my head spin – and i really couldn’t put it better myself. ladies please click, have a read and have a think. for sure i still love a magazine (but my pennies only go towards the interiors publications, of course). if a glossy is lying around then i will flick, but i am firmly in camp cadenet and wish for editors to shake it up and settle back down to showcasing an honest reality. yes someone is always harping on about making changes (also bla bla) but strength is in numbers so perhaps we all need to make a little plea for less pretty plastic and more gorgeous guts (not talking tummy but spirit!) i dare say though, i still love a pretty picture as am fond of all art forms but perhaps they can be just so, pretty pictures in their own pretty picture section with no words… and if we must have words then perhaps just a few (2-3) choice topics a month that are thoroughly researched and have a multifaceted approach, followed by a little retail therapy section of what’s new in the shops and that’s enough for me. i have my own mind and don’t want to be ‘told’ but i do like to be informed, educated and entertained. granted many of the glossies have made changes towards such but i think can still  strip back further  or perhaps its just the tone that needs to be amended, less ‘you should = better you’ and more ‘let’s share = your choice’.  ‘the conversation with amanda de cadenet’ is due to air in the US and i hope we get access / viewing here in the UK too as am genuinely curious and excited to see if this lives up to its great trailer and whether we will be privy to a little less gloss and a little more heart. in the mean time the website is also a good conversation starter for ten… click image below