the rock & rum

by envieloveletter

i wake up to bbc radio 1 and the hilarious breakfast team every day and i LOVE them. they are like a bunch of friends who just leave me in stitches whilst i get ready for work – or not because most of the time am stuck lying there listening to the banter – and always start the day (late) with a grin on my face. thank you chris, aled, dom, dave and tina for breaking not only radio rules but adult rules and totally embracing being forever young and free to be down with the trumpets! with this in mind, last night when myself and a gf wanted to move on from the early closing pub to shimmy and shake on a dance floor – BUT not find ourselves in either a) a club full of drunken teens b) a club full of drunken antipodeans c) a club full of euro cash trash, all either playing one dimensional – i need a tab to actually make sense of the melody – pants trance or the bizarre need for 60’s / 70’s anthems that these teens are too young to have even been conceived to – i was stumped as to where we could go. i wish for a bar/pub/club playing radio 1 tunes; be it dance, indie, pop, rnb, reggae – whatever – just current stuff that we love hearing and could dance to with a bar at hand!… in notting hill! new bars… stop trying to be so cool. if i had the capital i would open somewhere in a heartbeat and it would be like having a house party every night!  my ideal would be for a portobello road location with basement (otherwise we’d have to clear out by 11pm… not an option we must stay open till at least 4am on weekends!) the vibe will of course be beach, bohemian, bourgeois. lounging by day – lifestyle literature, games, squishy sofas, fireplaces, great music! by sundown – pouring spirits, more lounging with hips swinging to more great music. the menu… caribbean – everyone loves a bit of jerk chicken! so if anyone does have the capital and wants to join me in this venture please, PLEASE get in touch! below is my mood board for said venture….

a trip home…. click on below to check out video by band simple plan feat. sean paul… filmed in BARBADOS