gold fever

by envieloveletter

i’m currently questioning whether our motives for success have been seriously clouded by competitive minds, forever measuring ourselves against  our peers so we may feel that we are accomplished and have a reason for being more worthy than others, to feel good about ourselves? we are of course competitive by nature which is necessary for our survival and evolution, but i feel that we have forgotten that the experience is to benefit not oneself but all involved. a competitive spirit should ignite and encourage the players, to achieve by being part of an experience that offers growth in communication, confidence and capability, to better ourselves to help those around us, not to create fear and loathing of one another. for an eternity i’ve always shunned away from competition, because i am fiercely competitive and as was my need to constantly prove i was worthy, but i fervently disliked the anger and fear i felt and still feel in these situations. therefore i would rather not play, and instead content myself in the fact that someone else will feel better about themselves if i let them win/rule/conquer. however this is a complete false sense of self and an equally unhealthy suppression of a natural instinct. thankfully (!!) with age the need to reign starts to wither, though i believe will never fully disappear. perhaps it’s early for this to set in as one’s 30’s are for taking on the challenges and knocking the competition out the way so one has a better chance in the last stretch to the finish line, but…i want to cross that line with smiling faces waiting to celebrate with me, not to stand above and alone. perhaps that’s why we celebrate 1st, 2nd and 3rd place so we never feel completely isolated. just a thought… and to illustrate lets LOVE our fav metals of gold, silver & bronze…

you so would if you could….