always remember to be nice

by envieloveletter

i hope i achieve this on a daily basis as i certainly aim to! 

with this in mind i would like to say THANK YOU to 2 fellow bloggers and virtual friends.

the first is fiona who wrote the most amazing post on her blog  la la moon regarding my envie interiors, for which i am so thrilled and thankful! you can see this by clicking on the link above. i make a point of being friendly with everyone i meet on my path as i strongly believe that you never know how your crossing might one day effect you. fiona and i, though having been to the same school, we didn’t necessarily spend time together. she was in the year above me and as i remember very cool, very pretty and i believe head girl..fiona correct me if i’m wrong in remembering the head girl bit – the rest is correct!. so kinda out of my league! however we found a creative affinity years later and i have admired from afar her travels and treasures she has found on the way. she launched a blog and website way before these were the norm and i recall a twinge of envy at the birth of  la la moon (love the whimsicality of this name!) but today i see this as an inspiration and the envy was really admiration! fiona, again thank you for your wonderful words and i look forward to the evolution of la la moon!

i am also a firm believer in fate and things happening for a reason, big or small! so one day as i was quite happily browsing tumblr for inspiration i came across a delightful french interiors image which had been posted by {double take} a bajan blogger!! i was so excited at the fact that there was another interiors enthusiast and professional from my little rock! so i sent off a little message to say ‘hi’ and since we have connected and natasha via love design* (i mean how could we not connect with the same LOVE for design!) has been very kind in supporting my new venture as a blogger! i of course am tremendously envious of the fact that she has a sea view from her office, therefore making her an authority on beach living and design! natasha i hope we can meet next time i am home, no doubt we have crossed paths on those sandy beaches before!