making love

by envieloveletter

might it surprise you that i usually hurl at the idea of valentine’s, especially when i am all about love?! it’s simple, what i abhor is the commercialisation and tackiness that is associated with the occasion. the tasteless design used to depict the sentiment spreads like an ugly red rash across all and sundry. cutesy, cuddly, crap! i also want to move away from it all being about feb 14 and instead dedicate the whole of the month of february to making love. have you ever thought how very clever it is that mid the coldest, most miserable month, a wondrous excuse to flirt and frolic was bestowed on february, hmmmm… so i devote this post to a lust list top 5 feb treats – feel free to be inspired and try a few yourself!

one: rated G… love food! we can all appreciate something yummy, with who and how you choose to indulge might affect the rating…! but i’ll be finding an excuse to feast (pictured: my very own choc brownie with poached pears and vanilla ice cream)

two: start something you love… i paint, he poses – then switch! i wish…I can’t take credit for this beautiful piece but it is my current inspiration. Artist tbc …

three: love freedom, grab a partner and try something new. i’d be overjoyed with a day of flower arranging rather than a last minute shop bought afterthought…

(image courtesy of

four: love music! tickets to florence – please, please, pretty please…

five: has to be make love – like really..! as if it’s the last time you will ever get to and repeat as often as you can…enJOY!

so feb has suddenly become quite a fav and thinking about it… all you october babies guess what your parents were up to during this month of love?! mine clearly were and now i’m a lucky libra!

with LOVE