‘c’ si chic!

by envieloveletter

the irony is that i currently own not a single piece of CHANEL! but it is my brand ICON. for me there is no other brand that wholeheartedly stamps CHIC into everything it designs. when i created envie i made a point of studying the CHANEL brand to understand why it strikes such a strong chord with me and what aspects i could use when creating my brand. the biggest influences have been the strength of the typography, the monochromatic identity and the stark under-embellishment for a brand which blings with the best of them. in coco chanel i adore that she was completely unapologetic, opinionated and audacious. i certainly wish i could embody more of these characteristics. (i’m working on this day by day, possibly to the horror of my colleagues…). i continue to admire the ability of this brand to remain at the height of style in the 21C. karl lagerfield contains the commitment to coco and continues to deliver her brand values whilst engaging the fast paced technological advances. he repeatedly bestows upon the audience a visually breathtaking theatre and for a moment we live in the parallel galaxy of twinkling stars that is CHANEL. the recent paris-bombay 2011/12 show brought together some of my most loved design aesthetics; seductive glamour, elegant ethnicity and unashamed abundance. (watch it at http://www.chanel.com/fashion/8-chanel-fashion-show) i sat fixated wishing on those CHANEL stars, that one day i might slip between the interlocking C’s and sit amongst the splendour. for now i will relish in the fact that KL and CHANEL love technology and i can continue to follow in awe online, wherever and whenever. below are just because i L.O.V.E.

‎’there is time for work. and there is time for love. that leaves no other time’ coco chanel


to sit with the stars, under the stars at a show…

highlights from paris-bombay 2011/12