nudist niche

by envieloveletter

i promised myself that i would paint again and so i have started brainstorming my subject. this is rather easy as i am a life painter and the nude is my subject. as an artist people often assume that you are able to draw anything. to an extent you can as you have the skills of observation and the ability to make the connection between your creative brain and your tools to relay a likeness. however not every artist can express the same skill. i, for one, cannot draw from memory. my subject has to be before me. i found an affinity with drawing the body from the very first life drawing class at boarding school over 15 years ago, ever since it has been my love to skim my eyes over flesh and transcribe the weight to paper. i have a theme in mind that i want to explore (not to be revealed as yet..) but my first consideration is shall the subject be male or female. below are 2 of my favourite past models. they will be my starting inspiration and therefore i have named them ‘adam’ & ‘eve’. so my question to you is would you prefer to see more of ‘adam’ or ‘eve’? the style i am planning to paint in will be far softer than these pieces and the palette mostly white. i really would love to hear your response on this one and maybe i can reward one of you with your very own life portrait!



i certainly lust after the body that is scarlett johansson and would relish in her as my muse…