tick tick tick, tick boom!

by envieloveletter

this post has been a long time coming. i hope i have done the subject justice and just maybe offer an emotionally honest means of voicing a frustration i know affects many of us girls…

can someone please eradicate the flipping biological clock….please! or at least temporarily erase the fact that women bear children from the minds of single men aged 30-40! guess what boys – i have been in relationships since i was 16, i have been married, and i have now been on several dates – in which you  quite happily indulged – and to this day i have not even been nearly pregnant. so do me a favour and stop flipping out at this prospect. don’t bring up the subject on dates because that is the last thing i am thinking about as i haven’t yet established whether you are even near good enough to seed those said babies. i don’t even know if i can physically have the babies as i have been crazy careful in not having them.

so do i want babies? you have to ask… yes it will be fascinating to go through the process of childbirth as it is something i can experience that you never will. i also look forward to the challenge of the sleepless nights we will hopefully endure together watching our creation, to debating whether the first word will be mama or papa, to welling up at their first smile, to watching them curl up in your arms because it is the safest place on earth, to guiding and misguiding their little souls and hopefully remembering throughout our lives that they are and should be our ultimate pleasure.

but darling right now i’m only 33 so next time just…