strawberries & cream

by envieloveletter

sunday brunch with the girls! any date with the girls is always a riot – we constantly leave other diners feeding off the most intimate details of our lives which we share in vivid, expressive, comical monologues, as we each take the stage with our weekly update…and we make a lot happen in a week! i love my girls, and we are a force to be reckoned with. ambitious, articulate, sassy, sexy, fearless, feisty, extraordinary women. the honesty and support we bring to each other is second to none. so despite the recurring disappointments within our colourful lives we can all find respite in this steadfast sanctuary of friendship. the menu this week certainly gave our audience rosy cheeks as we peppered the air with strawberries and ‘cream’, sexy psycho babble and all time french flops!

ladies i look forward to the next one, with love xxx

naughty fairies…

framed for life…

 beware the next generation!