pretty paris pauses

by envieloveletter

even though i live a super quick eurostar ride away I hadn’t been back to Paris in about 10yrs! the shame…well yesterday I was treated to a day in this elegant city and it was such a breath of fresh air, exhausting but also rejuvenating – especially creatively. i even had moments where i thought ‘could i live here again…?’ and being half french, with a wealth of family and friends already there the thought is not an impossibility. anyway here are a few pretty pauses from the day…

(all photos taken by me and my iphone. the train journey home provided the perfect pause to revisit the day and play)

pulling into Gare du Nord

majestic welcome to PARIS

la tour en rose

phenomenal filigree

spinning fairtytales

pose photographique

i learnt that coco chanel favoured this delightful art deco theatre

flooring outside the ave de montaigne chanel store… L.O.V.E

refreshing wildflower banks whilst autumn dresses the trees in the back

bounty of books bordering the Seine

vintage memories in crumbly frames

somehow it just works… contemporary. vintage. pretty

one day maybe this will lead to my own apartement

passing by and looking up at pretty paris