lamp mines

by envieloveletter

there is a corner of my bedroom that needs a lamp and so i have spent part of this evening navigating through my favourite sites in source of inspiration. i’m fussy, there is no doubt. i know what i like and i refuse to buy unless i love it, happy to go without until i find the right piece. i am in no hurry to just fill a space because it must have something, instead adapt until ‘right’ comes along. for now a candle reflecting in a mirror has provided a lively glow. i am looking for something organic. i am obsessively attracted to natural materials – rough stone, distressed wood, solid glass, metal. the plainer the better however texture in detail adds interest and tactility. colour can feature but only in muted tones and tarnished glint. i also sway between brutish bulky pieces and fine, elegant, linear bases. the final choice is space dependent and the eventual hollow the lamp will be warming up. lampshades suffer similar criticism – rarely will i purchase a finished product, quite frankly most retailers make a mess of the match!proportion is the golden rule. as for the finish, natural materials render soft, subtle, sensual shrouds to the energy. plain cottons, linens, raw silk, and my favourite, parchment. the plainer the better but some decorative trim adds refinement. until i find my delight here are a few favourites to consider…




love a little humour…


and decadent vintage!

polaroid love in 21st century style!

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