i am a luxury

by envieloveletter

well my design services seem to always be perceived as such, and by and large they are. therefore the biggest challenge is how to convince you that an interior designer is a worthwhile investment so that i may continue to do a job i love. i often get asked ‘what exactly does an interior designer do…?’ first off everyone will believe they can and is capable of furnishing a room. we can all also paint, cook a meal, write a book… so why bother collect art, go to a restaurant or buy a novel? do we also consider these luxuries? yes, though not on the same level. but consider that we spend all of our time in a space. where would you hang the art, or cook the meal or read the book if someone didn’t make filling space their job. that is my job – to fill space using my talent to consider essential components towards making the space we spend our every day practical, comfortable, enjoyable. as with any skill some are better at it than others and therefore the reason why we opt to purchase these improvements to our own limited capabilities. interior design should be perceived as the service which offers the quick fix to your space improvement. similarly you could fix your own car after reading all the manuals or you could take it to a mechanic… surely the latter results in less money, time and effort wasted. with this in mind i ask that next time you are pondering your space it might be worth opting for a professional and considered opinion, there certainly is no harm in asking… to follow are images to tempt you into considering how you currently live and whether by consulting an interior designer you could achieve a more desirable space. if yes then i’d love to hear from you – envie@btinternet.com

(photos courtesy of various inspirational sources as well as my own personal images)

new addition to my christmas lust list…