dream v2.0

by envieloveletter

my alpine retreat did the trick! i return to london with renewed energy and lust for life! as i am against having a resolution i am adopting like many others to have aspirations instead. aspire by definition is ‘to long, aim or seek ambitiously; be eagerly desirous, especially for something great or of high value.’  or dream v2.0! my personal aspiration and most important to me this year is people! i aspire to find treasured time, unrelenting patience and loyalty to family, friends and colleagues alike. i know i focus on myself far too often and i am dedicated to changing that. my design aspiration is to increase my knowledge and expertise. knowledge is power and i want all the tools to excel at what i do. so i will be home schooling myself in an interior design refresher course and keeping more up to date with current design trends. i will also pick up a paintbrush!! i love painting and drawing and it has been far too long since i have put bristle to canvas. oh and i’ll be getting a tattoo! i wish you all a year of L.O.V.E.

santa seemed to have misplaced my christmas lust list and no desired goodies were received but not to worry i will work extra hard at being a good girl this year (of sorts, it’s 7 days in and i have already been naughty 😉

first entry this year – black patent leather ‘love notes’ envelope (www.thomaslyte.com)