distressed distractions

by envieloveletter

not the post i previously advertised but distraction tonight is much needed as i spent a good part of the evening deleting texts, emails, faces, in the hope that moving on becomes less heartfelt. i hope you don’t mind that i share my personal state of mind in these posts. when i set out to blog about interiors i very much wanted to explore the emotional connection with our surroundings, simply because our spaces are recipients and containers of our emotions. well my place of work has often been an escape and haven the last 18 months. this led me to think of when i met with the girls this week and how there was surprise at how well i was coping with this break up, especially as is another to add to what is becoming a series. my answer simply was that i had to get back to work and when your brain is otherwise occupied, the heart has no choice but to suck it up and get on with the job. but a large part was the comfort i get from being in the store, especially due to the interiors which are all tailored to beauty, comfort and function with emphasis on ‘the beauty of imperfection’, hmm a suitable mantra for dealing with me right now. however… our playlist couldn’t have been more inappropriate for getting over a break up, and i only just made it through every achy breaky country ballad without tearing up in front of customers… must mention that to rachel!

so this evening whilst home alone and having exhausted distractions i turn to work and would like to invite you to discover the charm of distressed or ‘shabby chic’. my day job is working for a little known (in the UK) interiors concept store called rachel ashwell shabby chic couture, whose creator is a fascinating london girl, rachel ashwell. the brand has been a US household name for the last 20+ years and rachel holds claim to reviving the shabby chic aesthetic and the term is rightfully hers. i’ll leave you to discover more via our website http://www.rascc.net. so if you happen to be in notting hill gift shopping i of course insist you pop in, preferably when its dark because that is when we dim the lights down, light the scented candles and indulge in winter amidst our cosy couture creations.

ps – everything in the pix is for sale and you can see all of the collection at http://www.rascc.net

on my christmas lust list this week i have to pick my favourite item from our lighting collection… the birdcage hanging light!