collecting inspiration

by envieloveletter

there is a book that has been part of my ‘coffee table book collection’ for a number of years now, and i only recently made the time to give it some time. i make a point of ‘giving it time’ because it was not a book for just looking at the pictures, it was intended to be read. the title has mesmerised me from the start and adds to the fact that i knew it needed my full attention because what it proposes is what i believe every ‘true’ designer, artist, creative, dreamer, should abide by and naturally possess…the ability to find inspiration in everything. so a couple evenings ago, with spotify set to toploader (, i pulled the book from the pile, sat on my bed and took some time to take in the cover and the title before setting on the ‘task’ of reading (i say task because who ‘reads’ coffee table books!). the first thing i notice was in all these years i had missed a vital part of the title… a subtitle… which you can now see for yourself below…

‘YOU CAN FIND INSPIRATION IN EVERYTHING!’ and in the bottom left hand corner appears ‘…and if you can’t, look again’ – says it all that i missed it for so many years!! it’s a bold statement, it’s a challenge, it’s a truth. this set me about questioning how i am inspired and whether i take on the challenge of being inspired by everything. do i have to try at this or do i do it naturally…swiftly follows a wave of thoughts questioning whether i have any instinctive creativity… the mist of doubt descends and i have only read. the. title. (in full!) i start reading and this is where all my assumptions about this book are unfounded. the book is a paul smith collective. bound together are his perception of creativity and what has led him to becoming the designer that he is – though he denies this monicker and often repeats that he ‘just sells clothes’. from the offset an important assumption of the book changes as i didn’t expect him to come across as humble. he deeply believes that hard work, a love for his trade and a kind approach to business, have been the key to his achievements. this is inspired! and this is the lasting impression the book really leaves me and what i needed to extract from it as a budding entrepreneur. i readily know that inspiration can be found in everything but in this dog eat dog world it was refreshing to be reminded that great success can also be achieved whilst remaining true to our values.

in tribute to a designer who is famed for collecting, this post’s images are about collections, which we all have in some form and inspire us daily. to follow are a few of my own ‘collections’ and how i have displayed them… i hasten to add that i am not a fan of owning or displaying useless items but when storage is at a minimum, needs must. a couple of rules i abide by are:

one: edit – make sure that what is out is not just gathering dust

two: ensure the items have a dedicated space and not just piles upon piles

three: keep the composition easy – you won’t use the items if you can’t get to them (and they’ll gather dust!)

four: rules are meant to be broken and something useless that you just L.O.V.E. is serving a purpose

five: don’t ever be afraid to throw out the old – they really are just material things and new scenarios – not necessarily new things – will hopefully found new inspiration in something you hadn’t taken the time to look for.



khussa slippers


life drawings

christmas lust list addition this week is born of a conversation i recently had about gift giving and lends itself perfectly to the topic of collecting…

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